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We are on a mission to get our first 100 users their first 100 users
Simple tools to create traction for your startup.
Daily activity plan Set tasks to work towards your marketing goals. Steadily and methodically build your online reach.


Most of your new users sign up through your signup form. The plan is thus very simple, you have to generate traffic, to be able to convert this into accounts.

Set up your marketing channels, from online listings, cold email outreach, blogging platforms or SEO, etc, to gain traction.

Metrics & Goals

By settings straightforward goals you know what to work on. Marketing is an ongoing activity. Your daily tasks help you to shift your focus, from product development to market development.

Daily tasks

Marketing is work, just like building features.

With our kanban board, maintaining your listings is easy.


Casuaris stores all your account credentials securely in one place.

This makes teamwork or sharing your listings with an external marketing team super easy.

We use web standard AES256 encryption to store your account passwords.

Encrypted password

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